Confidence to Build Content


“My confidence comes from my daily grind—training my butt off day in and day out.” ∼ Hope Solo, two-time Olympic Gold Medalist

When I started this blog at the end of June, it was just an outlet for creative expression. I had been keep a daily journal for years, and found it was an excellent way to sharpen my focus at the beginning of the day. At least once a day, I was reflecting on what was important to me. Journaling helped my align my path with my vision. This blog helps me do the same thing.

However, as I have blogged over the past week and a half, I have learned something else. It is building my confidence as a content producer—not just a writer, but a content producer. Those are two different things. It is possible to have excellent writing skills and still have difficulty producing a consistent level of work. Be a successful writer is not just about writing well, but writing well often. This is an important skill when it comes to marketing myself as a writing coach and editor.

Although I did add a blog to my business website, it died a quick death. Online marketing is something I have shied away from because I feared the time-consuming grind of producing fresh content on a regular basis. If I’m honest, I also doubted my ability to consistently create content that would be of value to others. That is key to online marketing. Unlike my personal blog where I just blog about my thoughts, feelings, and experiences, a business blog needs to illustrate professional competence in the company’s area of expertise. That’s a lot of pressure.

Through this adventure in personal blogging, I am learning that at the very least, I have the dedication to write every day, often twice a day. As a college instructor and writing coach, I know I have the expertise. Now, I just need combine the two. There is no reason I can’t produce enough content to post at least three times a week on my business blog.

Of course, producing the content is only part of the challenge. Once your work is out there in the world, you have to deal with the feedback. Sometimes it is positive; sometimes it is negative. Age and experience has taught me the gentle balance of being open to feedback without allowing others to unravel my confidence. Some of the feedback is valuable; some of it is well-meaning but misguided advice; some of it is simply ego driven trolling.

As I prepare for a productive day, I consider adding “website content” to my weekly agenda.

How many of you are blogging for business? What is your purpose? Build a brand? Demonstrate expertise? Engage followers for advertising revenue? Tell me about your business in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Confidence to Build Content

  1. [ Smiles ] I don’t blog for business purposes since my blog is a personal one.

    And, it is nice to know that you are gaining confidence in the area of creating content for your blog.

    Keep up the good work and may you continue to blog happily!

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