Back to the Hustle


I sit under the ceiling fan and start typing to the sound of washers and dryers whirring all around me. I’ll be at the laundromat for another 40 minutes while I wait for my clothes to dry. I’ve already graded one assignment my students turned in. Later, I will grade another. For the moment, I have time to reflect on my day and the week ahead.

After a Saturday of blogging while my daughter made slime, we had pizza and watched some YouTube together. We managed to binge watch 13 episodes of LD Shadowlady’s “Sims 4 Disney Challenge.” I know that sounds like a lot, but each episode is only about 15 minutes long. The next morning, we watched the remaining 8 episodes. Why on earth would we watch someone else play video games? Well, it’s not really the gaming, but the commentary. A good gamer knows how to see humor in the world (even if it’s a virtual world) and laugh at themselves, a trait that paves the way for success.

I also admirer successful bloggers like LD Shadowlady because they take a passion and commit 110% to it until that passion turns into a career. It takes hours of work to create those 15-minute videos. Others, like Ihascupquake, create their own merchandise to sell via online stores. These are hard-working entrepreneurs, not just people playing video games. They are living the life most people only dream of.

Why don’t we all live like that? Well, speaking from my own experience, being an entrepreneur is both exciting and scary. You’re no longer a cog plugged into someone else’s wheel. You have to develop the business plan, trouble shot the disasters, and often wear multiple hats with no guarantee of income—at least at the beginning. Then there is the emotional toll. Working for someone else, especially on salary, can give you a sense of security you just won’t have when you’re starting your own business. You have to be ready to ride the waves. However, if you love what you’re doing, it can soften the seasickness.

That’s why my work week usually starts Sunday night, if I take the weekend off at all. I’m not crying though. I don’t usually mind working when I can do it outside in the sun sipping a cup of coffee (or a rum and coke). I don’t mind working for 12 hours straight when I set my own schedule. With my own business, I even have the liberty of deciding which clients I will work with.

As I take my laundry to the car, I consider the tasks I will undertake when I get home: organizing my weekly planner, updating my website, reading some research. Before I get back into business mode, I just wanted to take a moment to say hi to my community, my fellow bloggers. I hope your enjoying your Sunday night, whether it is work or play.

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