Blogging While Mini-Me Slimes


The room smells like white glue and Borax as the little makes a new batch of “butter slime.” Yesterday afternoon, we drove all over Kendall, buying the ingredients for the slime her teacher taught her how to make in school. Well not exactly the same slime. She has moved on to advanced techniques she has learned from YouTube. I don’t mind spending the money on supplies. She’s being creative and learning about chemical reactions.

The urge to craft is strong in our bloodline. My grandmother was always crocheting and making crafts out of plastic canvas. My mother caught the creative bug from her. I love to paint, art journal, scrapbook, and at times even I crotchet.  In fact, I will try just about any art project. My imagination is limited only by the cost of supplies.

I have to admit, even as I am supposed to be writing. I am distracted by the ongoing project to my left. I’m drafted in the attempt to make a lilac slime a deeper purple, I start to mix gel food coloring like paint, until optimum purple is achieved. After an hour of kneading, the slime is finished and placed into an air tight container. It’s time to break for lunch.

Two chicken Caesar salads, the only way I can get her to eat vegetables. We watch Good Mythical Morning on YouTube and peruse images of “tumblr style” interior design. We talk about how we will decorate our condo. She’s ready to give up the seventh-grade trip to Boston so we can put the money towards the down payment. She can’t wait to cook in the kitchen and game in the game room (what most civilized individuals call a living room).

We crawl under the covers, and I schedule a pizza delivery for later in the day. I would like to get her to read latter, but she has her dad’s aversion to books. We did find the second book in the Five Nights at Freddy’s series, The Twisted Ones, when we were at Barnes and Noble earlier today. I know she will read at least one book over the summer break. She has found online comics at, though. She says I should be proud . . . she is reading.

This is how a typical “Gaby weekend” goes. We chill, eat some of our favorite foods, binge watch some anime or watch YouTube. We sharpen our sarcasm in witty duels while playing videos games or working on some creative project. We engage in Gaby weekends twice a month. It not only gives me quality time with my daughter, but it also forces me to stop working (and stop worrying) for at least a little while.

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