Even in Sleep, My Priorities are Straight


I don’t remember the whole dream, but I remember the vacant house. It was a little bigger than I have been looking for, but that didn’t seem to bother me in my dream. It was an open floor plan with a lot of light. I walked through the house, evaluating the space: “This room would be perfect for an office! I could even fit a few book shelves.” Then I walked into an adjoining room. “oh my god! This would be perfect for a library, passing through the door on the other side I entered the large kitchen dining area. A large ceiling light fixture indicated a space for the table next to a large window.

That’s all I remember of the house. An office. A library. And a kitchen. That sounds about right: writing, books, and food. I don’t remember looking at any bedrooms, but sleep is over rated anyway. Even when I’m sleeping, my brain has my priorities straight. It’s nice to know my subconscious mind has got my back like that. I don’t have to worry about sabotaging myself if my conscious and subconscious mind are on the same page.

It’s been a struggle to get here. When it came to work, I used to chase the money instead of my vision. In the end, those jobs never worked out well, as I felt frustrated or stifled. Keeping my mission statement clear in my mind helps.

I’ve also learned not to jump at the first opportunity if that opportunity is not going to get me closer to my goal. I currently rent a room instead of an apartment, so I can save money for a down payment on a condo. I can save up a lot faster paying $500 a month instead $1500. (Yes, folks. Those are the prices in Miami.) I will wait until I can buy, resulting in lower monthly housing costs and the building of equity.

Right now, my life is the perfect combination of career goals and financial goals. Sometimes I still get a little impatient. I want things to move faster. I wanted to have more time to work to work on academic articles, more time to market my own business, I want to take on more paid work so I can build my cash reserves faster, but I know I have to pace myself.

How about you? Do you feel like your actions are aligned with your goals or do you still have some work to do? Do you have a mission to keep you focused? Are you willing to make the sacrifices now that will get you were you want to be in the future? I’d love to hear about it.

3 thoughts on “Even in Sleep, My Priorities are Straight

    • I have been working on one, too, but writing a novel can be isolating work. It requires hours and hours of writing without any feedback. That is why I started blogging again. I like to interact with other writers.

      This summer I am taking a course on developmental editing for fiction which will give me a new perspective on my book and help me in my business as a writing coach. Right now, I focus mostly on academic writing, helping a few graduate students with their dissertations and with publications. I want to develop the same expertise for fiction.

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