Popcorn, Netflix, and Zillow.com


I wipe the artificial butter off my fingers before I lay down with my tablet. I use my tongue to absently poke at popcorn kernels stuck between my teeth. The modern detective series Elementary, streams through my Fire Stick via Netflix. I’ve made it through another day.

I take a minute to consider what I accomplished. The morning class went well. My students did a great job workshopping the latest writing assignment. I had a number of productive consultations at the writing center, and graded some research assignments. I also made healthy food choices and stayed below my calorie count. I even went swimming for 30 minutes.

Reviewing the days accomplishments is one way that I keep myself on track when long term goals seem to be creeping along. I like speed, getting things done fast, immediate results, but life doesn’t always accommodate. Somethings are slow, like healthy weight loss.

I open a google tab and type Zillow.com into the URL bar. I’ll browse condos for sale in my zip code and surrounding areas. I’m not in the market today, but this is another one of my motivation tricks. I’m trying to save up a down payment and browsing real estate listings keeps the goal fresh in my mind.

Sound like an exciting evening? I know. Please, contain your jealousy. It’s 9:15 pm, and I’m amazed I’m even awake. After all, I woke up at 4:30 am.

This is the dull life of a medicated Bipolar. Somedays, I do miss the manic ups, the endless energy that enabled my dancing until dawn before a full day of work. Fortunately, I also avoid the debilitating lows.

Relationships are like that, too. Stable relationships don’t measure love with fevered mania. They recount accomplishments and focus on dreams. Strong relationships give up the volatile ups and downs of manufactured drama for the slow comfort of a night in with popcorn, Netflix, and Zillow.com.

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